Coldstream Park has been an established boutique stud now for over a decade, aiming to and producing  very successful young horses of superior world class quality , Warmbloods, Some Arabian warmbloods and Australian Stock Horses. We have added the bonus of colour to some of the foals without compromising on quality.

The aim has always been to produce the highest quality horses, with pleasant temperaments, suitable for Dressage or show jumping and eventing. Some have been also very successful in the show scene winning multi championships in both breed and open classes, both led and ridden.

Our breeding program evolved by selecting Warmbloods with superior type, correct paces and pedigrees that were proven to contain Olympic winning or level ancestors. We also used some Thoroughbred mares who were exceptional in type, movement and conformation, with proven performance bloodlines.

Purchasers of our young horses who have started them on the road down their competition careers are always delighted with the lovely temperament, trainability and willingness to learn, which makes it a pleasant experience to ride and train one of our horses.

Many people who have never had the experience of bringing along a young horse, have had a pleasing time doing so with one of ours. We are often contacted after a time by delighted new owners , to tell as updates on the progress and wins they have had with the horses they bought from us and we love to receive updates and photos or yoitube links of horses we have sold.


The stud has its own Stallions and has also used outside Stallions both imported and international via frozen semen. Each mating with our broodmares is carefully planned to produce the best combination of bloodlines and types and of course temperament.

Our Stallions have contained the bloodlines of Donnerhall, Weltmeyer, Kilof Mcol, Flaneur, Skyhigh, Aachimedes, and Australian Stockhorse Goldmine Ashanti Gold.

In 2010 we added 2 imported stallions to the mix, Uswin (imp) and Don Duchovny (imp) and sold some of our stallions on to continue their stud duties in wonderful new homes interstate in Western Australia and South Australia, see details on our stallion pages. We still have  Murrurundi Shahman.

Uswin is KWPN bred and is a son of Montecristo who is in training at the same barn as KWPN Jazz and Uswins dam is by KWPN Ferro. Uswin is the only stallion in Australia by Montecristo. Don Dutchovy is by Don Frederico and his dam Goldi is by Goldstern who is by Gothard.

Our broodmare band has evolved over the years , moving from a high TB number to a few TB mares and we are now using some 4th generation warmblood fillies in our program. Our broodmares now contain some very impressive bloodlines, and have been chosen or retained by the stud for their superior types, movement and temperament. Mares bloodlines include international frozen semen stallions such as Jazz kwpn, Flemmingh kwpn, Farrington kwpn, Weltmeyer han, Rotspon han, De Niro han , Don Frederico and imported stallions Donnerheist ,Flaneur, Dutchman, Aachimedes, Skyhigh, Duelschuetz, Kilof Mcohl, Wunder, Lutz trak and Luddendorf.


Some pasture round bales are cut on farm , the rest of the feed , lucerne hay, chaff, oats, pellets and supplements are bought locally. Horses are all fed a balanced diet with supplements formulated for optimum health and growth. Horses are all cared for pedantically, feet are trimmed every 5 or 6 weeks including broodmares and horses in training are shod all by a master farrier, teeth and worming and vaccinating are all routinely done. In winter all are rugged as it gets very cold, even newborn foals are rugged with special foal safe rugs that do up with big Velcro patches for safety. There is always equine vets in this area available on call 24/7 and horses are all checked morning and late afternoon. Our foals are imprinted at birth and learn to wear a halter and basics of leading , starting off next to mum almost straight away in their first few weeks of life, and are all trimmed by farrier regularly from 6 week of age and introduced to wearing a rug and most get to go on a float or truck with their mum , for her to be bred at an AI center unless the mare is re bred at home. The foals are always taught to be respectful of people and are used to being handled before they are weaned which helps with weaning and makes it easier.


The stud is located in the very popular tourist destination of the Yarra Valley Victoria, Australia, on 164 acres just 50 mins from Melbourne CBD or just over 1 hour from Tullarmarine airport. We are surrounded by winemakers and B&Bs , so if you are coming from interstate it is worthwhile to visit. We are always happy for visitors to book a tour of the stud and show you our horses and you are welcome to bring a picture/ video camera.


Boasting now world class set up including an Olympic size undercover Dressage arena and an undercover 25m round yard with light, paddocks including a 12 stallion safe huge post and  3 rail paddocks and 2 more stallion day yards, post and 2 rail foaling paddocks with 3 day / nite foal watch yards with floodlights. 9 stables including 2 foaling double size boxes and a further 4 that can be made int 2 foaling size by moving dividing walls to back wall. Undercover hot and cold wash bays, 2 tack rooms, easy load , safe truck loading ramp. Electric fenced plain or and bayco wire turn out paddocks for broodmares and youngstock on prime pasture with paddock shelters in most.